Respond to reviews 10x faster with AI

Human-like responses in brand style and tone using ChatGPT across all platforms from a single inbox.

The most awesome businesses use Cube. From new-age brands to established enterprises.

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High-quality responses
in brand tone

Auto-generate responses that are accurate, personalised, and represent your brand’s unique voice. Standardise quality, without losing out on human touch.


Personalize every interaction

Move away from boilerplate responses. Personalise replies scalably - no additional effort.


Stay on-brand

Engineered to sound like a brand, not a bot.


Follow guidelines and SOPs

Automate without missing out on brand verbiage, policies and SOPs.

Get it right, always

Accuracy, guaranteed. Pull answers from your knowledge base within seconds.


Your brand's
custom AI assistant

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Cube is like a teammate who knows all about your business, learns super fast and has a photographic memory.

Knowledge bases. Your brand's rules, guidelines for agents and verbiage
FAQs Answer common questions in seconds
Historical data. Integrate learnings from your past replies and edits
Compliances. Adhere to industry specific guidelines
Catalogues. Answer product questions and give helpful recommendations.
Policies. Handle questions on returns, refunds or exchange.

Manage multiple platforms

Don’t let things slip through the cracks. Cube brings it all together.

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Finetune with feedback

Watch responses improve with finetuning based on your feedback and edits.

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Breeze through
your inbox

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Respond with brilliant timing. Manage interactions across platforms, save time on drafting responses and boost productivity

Unified inbox. Respond to reviews across platforms from one place.
Auto-generation Save time on drafting. All you have to do is review and hit send.
Task management. Integrate learnings from your past replies and edits.
Collaboration. Assign tickets, leave helpful notes or comments.
Triaging. Set keyword or topic triggers to auto-assign or resolve tickets.
Workflow optimisation. Free up time to focus on growing your business.

Drive action
based on insights

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Access comprehensive reports on top issues, easily track key metrics and stay on top of trends.

Summarisation. Get daily, weekly or monthly drill-downs of your conversations.
Theme identification. Get a bird's eye view and identify top themes in customer interactions.
Auto-categorization. Leverage AI to categorise tickets as complaints, queries and more.
Sentiment Analysis. Accurately classify Gen-Z lingo, sarcasm or tricky language.
Actionable Insights. Get recommendations on the ideal actions for customer tickets.
Scheduled reports. Keep your teammates in the loop with regular reports.

Track trends

A comprehensive view of tickets, sentiment and CSAT for quick troubleshooting

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Focus on the big picture

Stay on top of customer conversations with comprehensive overviews.

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